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Thai Cupid: Ultimate Review & How to

By JD / September 1, 2017


Premium Subscriptions start at $11.67 per month


1000's of profiles, many of which are active. Some sketchy profiles.


Part of Cupid Media's circle of dating sites which have a good reputation, but there some would be romance scammers and fake profiles

Allows Direct Contact?



Thai Cupid, a member of the Cupid Media family of international dating sites, is designed to connect foreign men with Thai women.

The site and its company have had a good reputation over the years for being an effective and fairly safe option for meeting serious women overseas (assuming you exercise common sense). The site runs on a monthly subscription model for payment, so you don't run any risk of getting caught in a PPL scam.  

The site is one of two of the most popular dating sites used in Thailand. There are thousands of users online at nearly any given time. A byproduct of this popularity is that there are a small percentage of suspicious profiles on the site (despite Cupid Media's best efforts to keep them off). As always stay clear of red flags, and use your heard when using the site. 

Thai Cupid is only an online dating site, so it's on you to arrange everything if you decide you to want meet any women. Overall the site is the best online option for connecting with honest Thai women that we've found.

Why it can be hard to meet nice women in Thailand

If you're an honest guy who's not an expat and only has a few weeks vacation each year, the prospect of finding a Thai woman for a serious relationship can seem daunting. 

If you were to travel to the country uninformed and unprepared you'd likely fall into the typical tourist traps (of which there are many), and be inundated into a world of sex tourism, pragmatic but materialistic Farang hunters, and (heaven forbid) the dreaded and somewhat infamous occurrence of the Thai ladyboy

In many ways the dating scene in Thailand can feel like the wild west, and not in a good way. There's a ton of information on the web about Thailand as a place for sex. There's a lot less info out there on going to Thailand for serious romance, but that doesn't mean it's not possible...

Bad reports = Men fishing in a bad pond

If you've researched dating Thai women at all you've probably found loads of articles and videos about how Thai women are unfaithful and are only after money.

 However it's important to look at where these articles came from. The majority of the time these accounts are written by foreign men who came to Thailand and met women in and around the expat bar and nightclub scene (the wild west). 

It's a similar phenomena to the pick up artist types in the US who frequent clubs and try their damnedest to pick up women they don't know for one night stands; then they turn around and complain that all women are crazy or sleazy. 

Really guys? If you don't like the fish you're catching try a different pond, or at least use some different bait.

Take note of the bad reports you read about the Thai sex scene and tourist haunts. Take them seriously as warnings, but don't think that they accurately represent the country or Thai women as a whole, because they don't.

Put in the work

Too few men are serious enough to take the time to find a natural way to meet nice and traditionally minded Thai women. Most guys want something quick and easy, with little to no effort on their part. 

If you're that kind of guy then this review and this site aren't for you. In life the things most worth having are always harder to get. 

But the good news is, if the good thing you want is an honest and traditional Thai woman for a serious relationship, it may not be as difficult as you initially thought.... 

Enter Thai Cupid

If you google around terms like "Thai dating" it won't be long before you see ads or articles on Thai Cupid. That's because it's the most popular premium site used for dating in Thailand. 

The site solves a very unique problem in Thailand. It helps honest Thai women cut through the mire of less than desirable western tourists, and it helps foreign men get around the aforementioned wild west expat scene. 

While Thai Cupid isn't a perfectly safe place (no dating site is), it exponentially increases the odds of you connecting with honest women. 

In this review we'll look at the features of the site, and also share a how-to guide on how to best use it to meet Thai ladies for a serious relationship. 


Thai Cupid works much like your typical dating site. After creating an account you post pictures, write out your profile, and search through the profiles of other members.

When you see a profile that interests you, you can send an expression of interest or send a message (messages are a premium feature).

A walk through of the search engine used on all Cupid Media sites


The site is also available through the Thai Cupid mobile app. The site flows nicer within the app and I find that I prefer it over the full site version. 

Subscription levels

It you want to use the site there are 3 options for subscription: Standard, Gold, and Platinum. 

Standard subscription (free)

The standard subscription is free. All that's required is your name and email address. At the standard level you can browse and search profiles, express interest, and communicate with women who have a paid subscription (most will not). 

Gold subscription

The gold subscription is the first of the two paid levels. With a gold membership you can send and receive messages with all members and also have live chats via an in-site instant messenger

Join for 12 Months

Join for 3 Months

Join for 1 Month

Platinum subscription

A platinum subscription gives you all the perks from the gold level in addition to providing you with some advantages over other members.

This includes things like ranking your profile over other profiles, highlighting your profile, providing more space for you to write in your profile, and (most notably) translation of messages into your native language. 

Join for 12 Months

Join for 3 Months

Join for 1 Month

Which level is the best value?

The platinum level features aren't absolutely needed and are somewhat of a luxury, so I'd stick with the gold level. 

 It wouldn't be bad to have your profile featured over those of other guys, but in the end if you follow our method for international dating you'll be messaging the ladies directly anyway. Thus it's not a huge deal.  

We also recommend against dating women you can't communicate with (ie they don't speak English and you don't speak Thai). If you follow this advice that also renders the translation feature less useful too.  


Thai Cupid comes from a long line of over 30 international and niche based dating sites run by Cupid Media. Cupid Media is the only company I know of which successfully operates so many international dating sites. 

These sites are often the best and safest option in their market, as Cupid Media puts systems and features in place to weed out scammers and fake profiles as best they can. 

" Cupid Media has been around forever. They are quick to respond to emails, quick to clean up bots/prostitutes/scammers, and take excellent care of their customers (they are a western company, not Thai-based).""

A small number of profiles may slip through the cracks, and it's impossible for the company to determine the motivation for each individual woman on the site. 

So even though the site is honest you should still exercise common sense, watch for red flags and follow our anti-scam tips

For me one of the most comforting features of the site is that the company doesn't control or interfere with your communication between women. Once you message a woman, and you both agree to stay in contact, you're free to take your communication off of the site. This means absolutely no PPL scams.  

 Russian Cupid review 

"Negotiating through the website I see that Cupid passes my first and most important test: they allow direct contact with the women on the website. 

The worst type of dating agency is one that requires communication between you and the women you contact to be funneled through the agency. 

Most websites that limit your contact with the women that you are talking to do so because their ladies profiles are fake or they want to “lead you on” in order to get more sales from you"


Now on to the profiles. There are a lot of women on this site. There can be as many as 2,000+ online at a given time. This is pretty high compared to other Cupid Media sites. 

Most profiles have an authentic feel to them. You don't have the glitzy near pornographic photo shots that you find on scam sites. The vast majority of the women look like and sound  like real people. 

Using Thai Cupid safely

However, keep your wits about you when using the site. Just because the company is honest doesn't mean all of its users are. As with any site use common sense when communicating with women online. 

I made a mock profile on the site with no photo or info (other than age and country) and received something like 20 messages in the first few hours. Most likely these are fake profiles that mass message users in the hope to lure them into a classic romance scam

The classic romance scam isn't limited to only international dating sites

The sheer volume of profiles on the site means that scammers and spammers will slip through the cracks, though they usually only make up a small percentage of the site's profiles. The problem is that they are the profiles you're likely to encounter first and most often, so unfortunately in this case the loudest wheel gets the grease. 

The danger of scammers is very real on any dating site. This if why we made our scam school with tips and practical information to help you avoid the pitfalls of international dating. Follow our 4 commandments of international dating and learn to identify red flags, and you should be able to use the site just fine. 


 Sebastian Harris 

"I found answers from guys who shared their love stories and guys who shared how they got “scammed”. Yes, I put the word in quotes and I did it on purpose.

Filipino Cupid is a legit site. It’s operated by the reputable Cupid Media Network that exists for over 15 years and the site features way more than 1000 testimonials from Western men and Filipinas who found a partner on this site.

And then I read that the international dating company that allowed me to meet my wonderful girlfriend apparently is a scam.

Listen very carefully:

Just because you believe a woman who says "I love you" without even knowing you doesn't mean that the site is a scam.
Just because not every girl answers to your messages doesn't mean that the profiles are fake.

Just because you were naive enough to send money to a girl who you have never met in your life doesn't mean that all girls on Filipino Cupid are scammers."

Great point about scams on Cupid media sites

Best way to use Thai Cupid

If you're serious about meeting honest Thai women in Thailand then we recommend you follow our international dating method.  

Note: this example runs on a 12 week timeline. Feel free to modify it according to you needs. Just remember that the point is to contact women for the purpose of arranging dates face to face in the real world. Don't get stuck chatting to ladies for months only to never visit them!

Phase 1: 12-6 Weeks before your trip

Create a basic list of requirements

The first thing you want to do is to create a general list of criteria for the type of woman you want to meet. emphasis on the word general here. We don't mean pick out things like eye color, height, and occupation. 

You should make a list of the basic requirements you'll use to  sift through the 1,000s of profiles on TC. Things like age range, whether she has kids or not, relationship status (divorced, widowed, etc), religion, and English level should make up your list.  

A Friendly Reminder: Only date women you can communicate with

 We  advise men to only date women they can easily communicate with in person. Unless you know a foreign language this means dating women with a good level of English.

We advise this because it eliminates the need for hiring a translator; which not only saves you money, but makes you much less vulnerable to the "professional dater" type scams. 

Now that you have your list, create a free basic profile on Thai Cupid. Use your requirements to search for women on the site. Make sure that their is a good number of active women on the site who live in or near the city you plan on traveling to.

Verify your city and dating site

If there are enough women who meet your criteria go ahead and green light your trip and purchase your travel arrangements.  

If there aren't enough women in the city you chose, try searching near a different city. With other sites I normally recommend that if you can't find enough women in the area you want to travel to, you should try a different site altogether. But in this case you shouldn't have a problem finding a decent number of members on TC. The site has so many active profiles. 

Phase 2: 6-4 weeks before your trip

For the next two weeks you want to start putting together the pieces of your personal profile, which you will post to TC once you purchase a premium membership. 

This part is a bit more important than most guys think. You site profile is the virtual equivalent of a first impression. Just as there are 1,000's of women on TC, you can bet there are a lot of men using the site too. 

How to make a good (virtual) impression

You want to use your profile pics, description, and introductory letter to help you stand out from the pack.


Typically most guys on TC take a series of selfies on their cell phone, post them on the site, and call it a day. There's nothing wrong with having 1 or 2 natural type photos that aren't all that glamorous, but all your photos shouldn't look like that.

 You can do better

To be honest you should probably avoid the whole selfie idea all together. Odds are that you know someone with a half way decent digital camera. Put on a nice shirt and have them take some shots of you.  

You don't have to get too fancy with things, just get two portraits, a full body pic, and maybe a candid action shot showing you playing a sport or dressed up for a party (pick something you normally do). Putting in this little bit of extra effort will go a long way toward helping you stand out from the other guys on the site. 


Ladies on dating sites often put up with a lot of creeps and sleazy guys. Just as you don't want to be bombarded with scammers and bots, a woman doesn't want to bombarded with tasteless or over sexualized messages. 

Go the extra mile and to make your profile standout because in the end that's what you would want a woman to do for you. 

Profile description tips

Most profiles list desires, hobbies, interests, and something about life style. There's nothing wrong with any of that. One tip here though is to try to get specific when talking about these things.

Many guys will put that they like movies (who doesn't?), you should list some of your favorite movies or genres of film. A lot of guys might say they want a woman with family values. What if you said you value a woman who brings warmth and love to the home? Do you see the pattern here? Be honest, but also be specific. 

The introductory letter

Honestly we could write an entire post on how to write an introductory letter (we probably will soon).  Because you will be contacting numerous women it's best to write a general introductory letter that you can use as a template. 

More or less the letter can follow this pattern. Each item should be about a paragraph long:

  • 1
    Hello I'm....(basic biographical info: age, where you live, height, weight, lifestyle, education, career, religion, etc.) 
  • 2
    Paint a picture: Description what you enjoy about your life and lifestyle, and things you do in your city. Give the woman an glimpse into what life would be like with you.
  • 3
    I'm looking for more: Your life is good, but you need/want a ___ woman because____.....(what attributes/character traits are you looking for?)
  • 4
    I'm serious: Talk about how you're a man on a mission and don't want to waste time on online romance. Mention your upcoming trip and its purpose. 
  • 5
     Ask her for contact info: This is the part where you transition and ask the woman if she would be willing to contact you and see if there's any chemistry between you. 

This is a general outline, but you should get the idea. 

Now don't go copy and pasting this template verbatim, and then start spamming every pretty woman you see on the site. Use the template as, well....a template. You should be reading a looking over each profile you message. Incorporate something personal or specific to a woman's profile in your letter to her. 

Phase 3: 4 weeks- trip date

This is where you sign up for a premium subscription on Thai Cupid, upload your photos and personal info, and start contacting ladies. 

Use the general requirements list you made earlier to inform your search. Be honest and realistic, and stay clear of any red flags

You'll want to send out a lot of introduction letters, as not all women will respond or be interested in contacting you. If you're taking your time and reviewing each profile like you should, this could take a while. 

Make sure the women know that you're planning on meeting multiple women in their city, but that you will only pursue the one you have the most chemistry with. 

At this point you should know when you'll be in town so give the dates to the ladies who are interested in meeting you and start arranging dates .

Phase 4: the trip

This is where your hard work, planning, and research pay off! enjoy your dates with the ladies, and always deal honestly with them. If you feel there is chemistry between you and a woman tell her, and ask her if she feels the same way. 

If you don't feel things clicking then be honest and tell the lady at the end of your date (make sure you thank her too!). 

As always keep your head in the game and again be cautious if you see any red flags. Not sure what a red flag might be while dating in Thailand? The video below is a great primer. 

What other people say about Thai Cupid


 Sebastian Harris 

"I don’t lie to you when I say that I met my girlfriend on Thai Cupid.

And I couldn’t be happier.

I found her, even though I contacted many girls before I chatted with her. Once I upgraded my membership to use all the great features that Thai Cupid offers, I set up 21 Dates in 44 minutes. You can easily do the same.

Some of them looked like models and many of them contacted me right after I completed my profile. One of them was the woman who I now proudly call my girlfriend.

She is everything I ever wanted in a woman. Her smile is incredible and her body is breathtaking. I can’t stop smiling when she looks at me and I can’t stop thanking my old self that he signed up on Thai Cupid.

I wish for you that you’ll also find a girl like her.

Hell, I KNOW that you will find her on the best Thai dating site on the internet…"



"Thai Friendly which is the second best dating site in Thailand allows you to send and receive messages for free. (albeit you can only send 1 message every 10 minutes).

The problem I've found with using Thai friendly and is that because guys can send free messages the girls (particularly) if they are in high demand get so many messages it's impossible for them to keep up.

 Have you ever messaged a girl only for her to reply and then never reply again? This is because your message gets so far down unless she goes digging for it she ain't going to find you.

The answer to this? Join Thai Cupid because only paying guys can message therefore the girl whom you are messaging gets fewer replies and is more likely to stay in contact with you.

Don't be a cheap ass it's not even that much if you buy the yearly membership which I guarantee will pay for itself."

Alternatives to Thai Cupid

Remember when we said Thai Cupid is the largest premium dating site in Thailand? Thai Friendly is the largest free site in the country (and I believe the largest site overall). The site has a free and paid membership option.

Unlike Thai Cupid, if you have a free account with Thai Friendly you can send one message every 10 minutes to other profiles (which means if you're really patient you can communicate women for). 

A premium membership for 1 month is $24.95, and will allow you to send as many messages to as many profiles as you want. 

So why don't we recommend Thai Friendly over Thai Cupid? Because on Thai Friendly you have to do A LOT more sifting to find a serious woman. Because everyone can essentially use the site for free, there are large amount of bar girls, party girls, and other unserious types. Thai Cupid's price model helps keep less serious women out better than Thai Friendly. 

Thai Friendly works much better for hooking up then it does for serious dating. Even so, it's free to try. Just be careful. 

Asian Dating is a sister site of Thai Cupid, and is also run buy Cupid media. Asian Dating works the same way as Thai Cupid, and maintains the same quality of experience. 

The site has a good amount of Thai women with active profiles, and you can also search within nearby Asian countries as well. 

I love the idea of using a dating site like Thai Cupid, picking a city and going off on my own to meet foreign ladies; but the amount of work, logistics, and fear of the unknown can be a turn off for some guys. 

The company I'm about to talk about solves those problems. They take care of your entire trip (minus airfare), and provide everything you need to meet serious Thai women. All you have to do is show up.

Dream Connections is an American based company started by the American/Ukrainian couple Mark and Ana Davis. The company is unique in that they function more like an introduction/matchmaking agency than a romance tour agency (which is good because I don't trust most romance tours). 

Each tour has about 15-20 guys and up to (I think) 90 or so local ladies. The company screens both men and women for relational intent and basic background information. 

They also feature a unique system where each man has a personal translator/personal assistant for the trip. The dating starts off with a series of short speed dating sessions after which men are free to contact interested ladies and go on dates apart from the group. 


If you're intent on meeting quality Thai women Thai Cupid can help you reach that goal. It's easily one of the best sites out there specifically dedicated to connecting Western men with Thai women. 

Thai Cupid isn't perfect (what site is?), and there are scammers and fake profiles. Know what to expect from scammers so as to avoid them. If you act smart you should have no problems having a safe dating experience on the site. 

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