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An international cross-cultural relationship might be one of the best things you ever experience in life. At least, that's what those who are in them say. It almost sounds unbelievable when I hear an international couple go on about how strong and healthy their family and marriage is. It's the stuff many an honest single man dreams about: 

...But on the other side of the coin is the underbelly of international dating: the scams. For every happy ending you're liable to hear 5 or 6 horror stories of men being swindled out of hundreds or even thousands of dollars. 

Pay per letter (PPL) scams, false visa sponsorships, local women who date foreigners as a profession,....the list goes on.  These scams come in many forms, as do their perpetrators. Their methods are subversive and, if you aren't aware of them, unexpected.  Sometimes it seems like pursing a relationship abroad just isn't worth the trouble. 

I for one believe that international relationships are well worth pursing. Dating overseas is a fulfilling experience worth the risks, and if you're informed those risks may not be as high as you think.

That's why I've put together Scam School: a series of posts which focus on how to identify and avoid the different scams that have made their way into the international dating industry.  After reading these articles you should walk away with a knowledge of what the most common scams are and how you can avoid them and date safely. 

The hope is that you'll use your head as you travel the world to follow your heart.

These posts aren't designed to be read in order, so feel free to skip around as you like.