Latin America Resources –

Latin America

Here's a list of sites and resources for men interested in traveling to and meeting women in Latin America. 

Dating Sites

Latin American Cupid

Latin American Cupid is the largest non PPL site for western men looking to meet women in Latin America. While the site itself is honest and allows you to contact directly with other members, their security is leaves a bit to be desired. If you date smart, and use common sense you should be able to use the site without any issues. 

Colombian Cupid

Colombian Cupid is a sister site of Latin American Cupid. It has many of the strengths and weakness of Latin American Cupid, and is focused on connecting men with women in Colombia. 

Dominican Cupid

Dominican Cupid is another sister site of LAC. It's the largest and most popular site for connecting with women in the Dominican Republic. However you will need to use it cautiously as there are an above average number of scammers on the site. There are some genuine users too, just be smart.  

Introduction & Matchmaking Agencies

Dream Connections Colombia

Dream Connections is a company that provides romance tours in Medellín, Colombia (as well as in Ukraine and Thailand).  They are a unique company in that they combine the best aspects of matchmaking and international romance tours. They thoroughly screen both men and women and focus heavily on in-person connections. They keep their tours small with around 20 men and 100 ladies. Each man on a tour is provided with a personal translator/PA/matchmaker.

Visa Assistance

Rapid Visa

Rapid Visa is an online company whose goal is to take the pain out of the immigration process. They make the process of applying for a visa simple and easy, where it's usually tedious and difficult. Think of them as the Turbo Tax for visa submission and registration.

Other Resources

Medellín Living

Medellín Living is the premier blog for information on Medellín, Colombia. The site offers valuable information on living, traveling, working, and dating in the popular Colombian city.