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Eastern Europe is one of the most popular destinations for western men looking to meet a woman abroad. Here's a list of reputable sites and resources to help you on your journey to find a serious relationship in Europe. 

Dating Sites

Elena's Models

Elena's Models is a premium dating site that specializes in connecting western men with women throughout the Russian speaking world. Among international dating sites it has one of the highest reputations for  honesty, security, and overall genuine profiles. The site has been in operation since 1999 and was started by Elena Petrova, herself a Russian woman married to a foreigner. 

Russian Cupid

While Elena's Models is the most trusted dating site for the former Soviet Union, Russian Cupid is the most popular.  While most  female profiles are from Russia there are also a significant amount from countries like Belarus, Ukraine, and even Kazakhstan. 

Ukraine Date

A sister site to Russian Cupid, Ukraine Date is the largest and most secure international dating site aimed at connecting Western men with Ukrainian women. 

Introduction & Matchmaking Agencies

Dream Connections Ukraine

Dream Connections is a company that provides romance tours in Ukraine as well as Colombia and Thailand. They are a unique company in that they combine the best aspects of matchmaking and international romance tours. They thoroughly screen both men and women and focus heavily on in-person connections. They keep their tours small with around 20 men and 100 ladies. Each man on a tour is provided with a personal translator/PA/matchmaker.

Diolli Agency

Diolli is a premium matchmaking agency based in Kharkiv, Ukraine, and works with male clients on an individual basis. Women are screened and background checked. The agency favors women clients who are college educated and can speak at least one foreign language. The agency has won recognition and awards in both the matchmaking and international dating industries.

Visa Assistance

Rapid Visa

Rapid Visa is an online company whose goal is to take the pain out of the immigration process. They make the process of applying for a visa simple and easy, where it's usually tedious and difficult. Think of them as the Turbo Tax for visa submission and registration.

Oksana Van Rooy

Oksana Van Rooy is a rare attorney who is certified to practice law in both the United States and Russia. She's a go to legal resource for anyone in need of help for the immigration process, especially if your lady is coming from a Russian speaking country.

Other Resources

Olga Reznikova

Olga Reznikova is a Ukrainian Youtuber who makes honest and in depth videos about her home country. She covers topics ranging from culture, travel, tourism, language, real estate, and even has a second channel  for foreign men interested in dating Ukrainian women (you can find useful reviews here on marriage agencies).