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Asia is the most popular destination for wester men looking for serious relationships over seas. Specifically the Philippines draw the most foreigners, but other countries such as Thailand, China, and Vietnam also make the list. Here are some notable sites and resources to check out if you're considering traveling to Asia.

Dating Sites

Asian Dating

Asian Dating is one of the largest and most popular international dating sites out there. It's not aimed at any one country on the continent, but you can find large amounts of members in the Philippines, China, Vietnam, Thailand, and even some lesser known countries like Cambodia. AD doesn't use a PPL payment model and you're free to exchange contact info with other members.

Filipino Cupid

Filipino Cupid is the largest site dedicated to connecting western men with women in the Philippines. Like it's sister site Asian Dating, Filipino Cupid is not a PPL dating site and allows you to communicate directly with other members. The site itself is honest but not all its members are (use common sense when using the site). 

Christian Filipina

Christian Filipina is a site for western men looking for a serious relationship with a Christian woman from the Philippines. The site features a higher level of security and customer service than most international dating sites. If you're a Christian man with an eye toward Asia, this should be your go to dating site.

China Love Match

China Love Match is one of the larger non PPL sites catering to western men interested in meeting women from China. There's a large and active user base on the site. The company also takes a strong stance against PPL sites and scammers.

Thai Cupid

Thai Cupid is hugely popular in Thailand. It's in the Cupid Media circle of sites (Asian Dating, Filipino Cupid, etc). Like most Cupid media sites it allows for direct communication with other members. The site has a decent level of security but you will still need to date smart to use it safely.

Vietnam Cupid

The Vietnamese equivalent of Filipino Cupid and Thai Cupid, Vietnam Cupid is largest international dating site for Vietnamese women. 

Introduction & Matchmaking Agencies

Dream Connections Thailand

Dream Connections is a company that provides romance tours in Thailand, as well as Colombia, and Ukraine. They are a unique company in that they combine the best aspects of matchmaking and international romance tours. They thoroughly screen both men and women and focus heavily on in-person connections. They keep their tours small with around 20 men and 100 ladies. Each man on a tour is provided with a personal translator/PA/matchmaker.

Visa Assistance

Rapid Visa

Rapid Visa is an online company whose goal is to take the pain out of the immigration process. They make the process of applying for a visa simple and easy, where it's usually tedious and difficult. Think of them as the Turbo Tax for visa submission and registration.

Filipino Visa

Filipino Visa provides information and support for those applying for a visa for their filipino partner, and for American citizens who are seeking a visa to live in the Philippines.

Other Resources

Life Beyond the Sea

Life Beyond the Sea is a very informative Youtube channel run by an American expat in the Philippines. He provides practical information about traveling, living, and even dating in the country. 

An American in Bangkok

An American in Bangkok is a travel and culture channel made by an American expat living in Thailand. There's a ton of useful information on the site as well as some interesting cultural insights.