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Pinay Romances: Site Review (What You Need to Know)

By JD / December 3, 2018


One of the most affordable international dating sites around


A large user base with aunthetic profiles


No PPL scam to worry about. Uses in-site security systems and checks to block scammers & spammers

Allows Direct Contact?



Pinay Romances is a simple and affordable way to make connections with women in the Philippines. The site features free messaging, even with a free account, and also offers one of the cheapest monthly subscription prices out there in the online international dating scene. 

The site design and functionality isn't any more than it needs to be, and that's a good thing. The folks behind Pinay Romances provide their users with the essentials needed to make connections, and then step out of the way to let you enjoy the site. 

You won't find any Pay-per-letter shenanigans with this dating site, and while no dating site can guarantee the sincerity of all of its users, Pinay Romances provides a system of checks to detect and block suspicious activity or scammy behavior. 

All in all, the site is a notable choice for anyone interested in dating abroad in the Philippines. 

What makes Pinay Romances different from other dating sites?

For daters by daters

Before stepping into the international online dating industry the folks behind Pinay Romances were themselves used online dating sites as foreigners in Thailand. After noticing the widespread lack of quality across international dating sites, they deceived to start a business and create international dating sites that were simple, effective, and above all safe to use. 

"'I've been in the online space for over 30 years involving hands-on customer support, R&D, design and management.
Stephane (my business partner) has been in the IT sector for about 25 years in areas of retail, security, design, R&D and website/application coding in a multitude of languages.

We've known each other for over 10 years as well as being involved in a previous business together.

Both living in Thailand, we were actual users of online dating sites - and the current crop of sites (existing still today) were horrible. Being entrepreneurs, we got together with a plan of fixing that problem

-Martin Cooney CEO of Romances Group

Charitable cause

A portion of each membership purchased through Pinay Romances goes to feeding underprivileged children in the foreign country the site is focused on. The company is able to do this by working with the charitable organization B1G1.

Basic site features

Pinay Romances keeps things simple when it comes to it's main features. 

Just as with any other dating site you are able to upload photos, fill out an online profile with personal information, browse other profiles, and communicate with other members.  

There's an in-site messaging system, and users can also send expressions of interest to one another. 

There's also  a search feature which allows you to filter profiles based on things like city, age, gender etc. If you have a paid membership more advanced search options become available. 


Pinay Romances is one of the cheapest international dating sites on the market. Their pricing is simple and straight forward. You pay per month of membership. The more months you purchase at once, the cheaper the price per month.

Also your paid subscription to Pinay Romances doesn't automatically renew. So many sites these days try to hook users in with a low initial price, hoping to nail the customer later when their membership auto renews.

If you're anything like me you've probably joined a site or signed up for a limited free trial, only to get burned when you forget to cancel your membership. 

With Pinay Romances there's none of those games. You pay once. If you want to extend your membership it's up to you to renew it. 

Free subscription

Like many dating sites Pinay Romances allows members at the free level to create a profile , browse the profiles of other users, and send and receive expressions of interest. 

However Pinay Romances also allows free members to send and receive an unlimited number of messages, a feature which many dating sites only offer paid users. While there's no limit on how many messages you can write or receive, there are some limits on which messages you can read.

Pinay Romances allows free users to send and receive messages

Free members aren't allowed to send or receive contact information (there's an automated filter which locks such messages if a user doesn't have a premium account). Also there are other messages that will be blocked with a free account. 

This means it's free to start a conversation on Pinay Romances, but if you want to keep it going you'll have to opt for a paid membership.

Free Subscription Level

Available features

  • Create your own profile
  • Browse and search other profiles
  • Send and receive messages 

Premium (Paid) subscription

A premium subscription on PR will allow you to exchange contact information with other members, and read and send messages that would be blocked under the free subscription.

A premium membership will also allow you to search beyond the basic demographics available on a free account such as age, city, and gender. 

There is also a premium feature which allows you to leave notes and ratings about other members, which only you can see. This is a handy tool when your combing through countless profiles and want to mark the ones which standout to you.

Premium Subscription

Available features

  • All of the features from the free membership
  • All messages unlocked
  • Allowed to share contact information
  • Advance search feature
  • Secret notes and ratings 

Join for 2 Months

Join for 6 Months

Join for 12 Months

Safety and security

Site allows direct contact with members

Here at FWHL we always stress the importance of using dating sites that allow you to communicate directly with other users, and if needed by sharing your contact information. A dating site that seeks to control your communications is probably running a PPL scam.  

Pinay Romances allows you to communicate freely with other members on the site and share your contact info (after a paid membership). 

"The amount of trashy fakes and scammers on existing online sites is incredible. We utilize Machine Learning in different areas to better identify scammer patterns as well as other techniques. These patterns' are distributed across all our sites.
Add to that, if one gets past these initial blocks and then identified, they're banned and deleted AND any contacted members are notified by an Admin message."

- Martin Cooney CEO of Romances Group

Scam prevention systems

Pinay Romances uses an automated system to detect unusual behavior and red flags that signal a possible scammer or spammer. When a profile has been identified as a verified scammer, all users who were contacted by that profile receive a warning message from the site's admin system. 

A note about scammers

We always stress the important of following the Commandments of International Dating, and watching out for red flags when dating internationally (be it online or in person). Scammers can occasionally slip through the cracks of even the most ironclad sites. Always date responsibly and use your common sense when using a dating site. For more info on dating safely check out our scam school

A Closer look

Warning Signs of A Filipina Scammer

Alternatives to Pinay Romances

Filipino Cupid

Of all the dating sites geared toward the Philippines, Filipino Cupid has the largest number of users. It's owned and operated by Cupid Media, an Australian based company which specializing in niche dating sites (most of which are international).

The site has been around for some time now, and is known to be one of the go to sites for Filipino dating. However you will find that the price for a premium membership on Filipino Cupid is a bit higher than on Pinay Romances. 

Christian Filipina is the largest and most well known site which focuses exclusively on Christian Filipino dating. If you're a Christian seeking another Christian in the Philippines then this site is your obvious choice. 

The site has a strong anti-scam and anti-spam policy, and manually reviews all of its profiles. Because of this and the company's commitment to providing a great user experience, we rank Christian Filipina as one of the highest quality and safest international dating sites around. 


Pinay Romances is an affordable and no frills option for those looking to connect with women in the Philippines. The site doesn't have any of the problems associated with Pay-Per-Letter sites and allows premium users to share contact information.

Pinay Romances also has an in-house scam protection system to help protect its users. But just as with any other dating site users should exercise common sense and watch out for common red flags to see if a particular lady is genuine or not. 

As an added bonus every purchase of a paid membership on Pinay Romances goes toward helping feed children in the local community.

If you're interested in meeting someone in the Philippines then you have nothing to lose by signing up for a free account on the site and deciding for yourself if it's right for you.

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