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PinaLove: Better for Hookup or Relationships? (A Full Review)

By JD / February 26, 2018


A single month subscription is $24.95


1000's of profiles, many of which are active. Most members are not looking for a serious relationship.


No PPL scam to worry about. Not a lot of bots either. Just watch out for the occasional ladyboy

Allows Direct Contact?



At its core PinaLove is a dating site aimed at casual communications and encounters. It's simple design, low price,  and large user base, make it an ideal site for those looking for fun during a brief stay in the Philippines.

However the site makes little to no effort to market itself as a site for finding a serious relationship. The user base reflects that. You will find a fair share of bar girls, freelancers, and even the option to search for ladyboys. 

That's not to say there aren't any serious minded Filipino women on the site. But if they are on PinaLove they are the exception, not the rule. 

If you're looking for a serious relationship with a Filipino woman you should look elsewhere. If you're interested in hooking up or simply testing the waters while visiting the country, then this might be the site for you. 

Is PinayLove right for you?

If you're looking for something serious: No

The site's design speaks for itself. It's made to function as a sort of casual social network. Users can provide profile information, but this option is limited and mostly includes general info like age, location, physique, etc (there's no option for marital status). 

The majority of users are not looking for a serious relationship. Though some may be open to the idea. It's just not the focus of PinaLove. 

Also, given the large number of bargirls on the site, and the option to look for ladyboys, it's not hard to guess that maybe this isn't the best site to use when looking for something serious. 

If you're looking for fun: Yes

PinaLove is a more obvious choice if you're looking for romantic or sexual adventure.  

Foreign men largely get a high response rate on the site, which is easy to use and built around instant messaging. If you're a halfway decent looking guy and don't have a creepy profile, you can expect a lot of interactions. 


PinaLove errs on the side of simplicity. The site is setup in a way that makes it as easy to meet and connect with other members as possible. 

Outside of the site's basic profile and messaging features there really aren't a lot of bells and whistles. 

Basic site features

On a PinaLove profile  you have the option of uploading a photo, and filling out basic personal info (name, age, location, physique, education, children, etc).

The site also allows you to send messages, EOI's (expressions of interest), as well as send instant text messages through a messaging platform.  NOTE: How often you send messages will be determined by whether or not you have a premium subscription (more on that later).

There's also a very basic search feature that lets you browse profiles by the personal information entered by the other members (age range, location, height, weight, etc). 


PinaLove also has a mobile app

PinaLove is currently available in the Apple app store, but it's yet to be released for Android. 

The site's bare bones design works well on mobile. With the app you can do anything you could on the web version.

The app is free to download in the Apple store.


On Pinalove there is a somewhat mixed user base. There are working girls, women who are simply looking for novelty, and ladyboys (PinaLove does a decent job of keeping the ladyboys on a separate part of the site). 

You'll notice the profiles look and feel fairly genuine. You won't see the fantastical heavily photoshopped glamour shots of PPL sites


Free subscription

PinaLove has two subscription/membership levels: free and premium. With a free account you can upload a profile, browse the profiles of other members, and send messages (but you'll have to wait 10 minutes in-between messages). Also the free level doesn't allow you to search by age, location, etc. 

Standard Subscription (Free)

Available features

  • Free messaging (wait 10 mins between each message)
  • Basic search 

Premium subscription

The premium level is available in different monthly subscription options (listed below). The more months you purchase upfront the cheaper the price is per month. A premium subscription will allow you to send unlimited messages and filter profiles using the advanced search features. 

A premium subscription will also allow you to browse other member's profiles anonymously, while allowing you to see who read your messages or looked at your profile. 

Premium Subscription

Available features

  • Unlimited messaging
  • Advanced search 
  • Privacy settings
  • Profile & messages listed above free members
  • See who read your messages & viewed your profile
  • check
    Searchable lists of who is interested in you

Join for 1 Month

Join for 6 Months

Safety and security

Site allows direct contact with members

PinaLove offers a standard monthly fee for a premium membership. After that there are no other fees on the site. The site also allows you to freely contact other members and take the conversation off of the site if you chose to. 

This eliminates the possibility of any PPL scams.  

Lack of bot messages and fake profiles

After signing up for the site your inbox won't be exploding from automated messages sent by bots or fake profiles. 

A note about scammers

Romance scammers are known to haunt the site.  PinaLove is an upfront and honest site, but that doesn't necessarily mean all of its users are. 

The site does work to monitor suspicious activity and fake profiles, but romance scammers inevitably slip through the cracks (as they do on many other sites).  

As we said before the site is easy to use and sign up for. This is a mixed blessing, as the low barrier to entry attracts many disingenuous types. 

Use the site responsibly.  Follow our Dating Commandments and watch for red flags in order to avoid getting taking advantage of. 


PinaLove works hard to keep ladyboys on a different part of the site, where you'd have to specifically search for them to find them. However, every now and then one slips through to the main part of the site. Be discerning!

What other people are saying about Thai Friendly

"...with all complaints I read about the scammers on this site it sounds like it can be quite a headache to sort through both the real and fake profiles.

I personally don’t think I would have the patience to do that — but if you are someone who doesn’t mind taking your time to find a nice filipino boy girl or lady-boy then I’d say give this site a shot."

"PinaLove is known to be the second most popular online dating website in Philippines and has lots of gorgeous Filipinas. It is dominated with Manila girls and Cebu girls mostly. One can sign up on PinaLove from anywhere in the world to date these beauties.

This website offers basic functionality for free like finding a match, sending interest and communicating with paying members. Like many dating websites, PinaLove also offers free and paid memberships and offers different features in both versions."

Alternatives to PinaLove

Filipino Cupid

Filipino Cupid is the largest site dedicated to connecting Filipino women with men from around the world. The cost per month is more expensive than PL, but the result is that overall users are more serious and sincere, and you don't have to worry  about working girls or ladyboys. 

Cupid Media (the company that runs the site) has a good reputation for being an upfront company providing honest dating sites for its customers. The site runs on a monthly subscription model for payment, so there's none of the danger common on PPL dating sites.

Filipino Cupid isn't perfect. There are some fake profiles and romance scammers on it. If you're careful you shouldn't have any problem on the site. 

If you're looking for something more serious than a hook-up or casual encounter, Filipino Cupid is a go to site for connecting with women in the Philippines.

If you're looking for a serious relationship with a Christian woman from the Philippines, then Christian Filipina is hands down your best bet.  The site has some of the highest security and quality standards out of all international dating sites. 

The are a large amount of profiles, the majority of which are active. There are also quite a few stories of Christian men who have successfully used to the site to meet their wife. You can read one such story here

If you're serious about finding a wife from Asia, and are willing to consider looking in Thailand instead of the Philippines, then you may want to also consider going on  Dream Connections romance tour.

Dream Connections is an American based company started by the American/Ukrainian couple Mark and Ana Davis. Dream connections offers tours in Bangkok, Thailand (as well as in Colombia and Ukraine)

The company is unique in that they function more like an introduction/matchmaking agency than a romance tour agency (which is good because I don't trust most romance tours). 

Each tour has about 15-20 guys and up to (I think) 90 or so local ladies. The company screens both men and women for relational intent and basic background information. 

They also feature a unique system where each man has a personal translator/personal assistant for the trip. The dating starts off with a series of short speed dating sessions after which men are free to contact interested ladies and go on dates apart from the group. 


If you want to  rustle up a good time during a short stay in the Philippines, then PinaLove is an ideal site for you. 

If you're looking for a serious relationship with a Filipino woman then you're better off using sites like Filipino Cupid or Christian Filipina.

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Founder of FWHL. When JD's not writing articles he's probably practicing his Russian or trying to play AC/DC on his guitar.

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