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From Divorcee to Fiancé (One Man’s Experience Dating in Ukraine)

By JD / December 20, 2017

Today I'm very excited to share the first Guest Post on FWHL. This post comes from Will. After I came  across his video review of the Mordinson Agency, I got in contact with Will and asked if he'd be willing to share some of his experiences in international dating. Will is what I hope will be a not so rare example of someone who successfully and safely dated overseas. 

I'm super excited that he is sharing his story, and I hope his is the first of many on this site. 

And now over to Will!

Name: William

Age: 43



Traveled to:


Recommended sites & services:

Greetings, gentlemen. I’m Will, 43 years old, and I live in the southern United States. After 12 years of marriage I found myself bitterly divorced. To bring my story to the point I’m at today took three years. I spent the time devoted to improving myself: my career, socially, physically. I played the field, dating more women in America in those 3 years than I had before I’d gotten hitched the first time.

This year I decided that I wanted to be married again, by way of two realizations. One, I’d scratched any itch I’d had for variety in my love life. Secondly, being a highly competitive cyclist had me in terrific shape. Many people have told me they thought I was mid-30s in age. A lady I’d been involved with for a year would, when we argued, tell me I needed to find myself a 28 year old if I wanted to have sex every day—ha!

Choosing not to settle

That said, while I was still relatively young, I wanted to find a female who could keep up with me, and complimented, in equal measure, the traits and qualities that I’d worked hard to improve in myself. My most recent relationship was with a woman from Belize who’d spent her 20s working as a stripper in clubs in Los Angeles and Miami. Being involved with her taught me much, as it had with all my relationships. Seeing her photos as a young lady, I did my best to give her gentlemanly encouragement to get closer to that youthful figure, to no avail.

What she called “skinny” I considered “normal,” but as Americans are unfortunately, correctly perceived, the new normal is obese. I could not deny that the dating pool of women 35 and older in America did not suit me. I tried being high-minded and intellectual in finding a companion for myself, but my body and pride told me something else. And really, this speaks to work ethic and character as well. It had gotten to the point for me where I wanted an attractive young lady by my side, and wouldn’t settle for less. After exhausting all my patience and empathy for women that just weren’t a good match, I’d rather have been alone by this point and do without.

Looking abroad

I can’t recall exactly what sent me towards online dating in Ukraine, but I’d exhausted my resources in online dating in America. In my opinion, women have a big advantage in the online dating market in America. The female's expectations on, for instance, are sometimes ridiculous in comparison to what they have to offer, and I’ll admit that they can get away with it.

In Eastern Europe, the opposite appears to be the case. Men in Ukraine can be alcoholics, untrustworthy, and unemployed, and the women will dress their best and stay slim. At a young age, girls are strongly encouraged to get married to someone that is good to them. After age 25, you’re considered over-the-hill, and women over 30 have a hard time getting married. I’ve read this, and this my fiancee has volunteered to me, that her mom told her the same thing.

Ukrainian and Russian ladies actually prefer an age gap of about 10-15 years. They want their man to be mature and well-established. An age gap of 15-20 years, depending upon the woman and the man’s abilities and appearance, may be just fine.

Two things I find that American men get wrong though: the women in Eastern Europe don’t want to date a 55 year old if they are in their twenties, so don’t push it. Secondly, these lovely creatures would prefer to get married. A K1 visa is pretty much necessary to bring a Ukrainian national to the USA anyway, so this is the deal that guys should be willing to man-up and sign up for. The last thing that the women of Ukraine need are sex tourists.

"Two things I find that American men get wrong though: the women in Eastern Europe don’t want to date a 55 year old if they are in their twenties, so don’t push it. Secondly, these lovely creatures would prefer to get married."

The journey begins

Back to my story; I waded through scam sites like UAdreams with only a few dollars wasted. I got a couple of good leads on However, I discovered the Mordinson Agency, and my destiny with Natasha was revealed. The way that this family business presents itself immediately became apparent to me as honest. I listened to multiple video interviews with Michael Mordinson and read of their policies. Overall their prices are very reasonable. There are other Ukraine matchmaking services that will charge much more for the same, or less personalized service.

One of Michael Mordinson's many online interviews

Coming in to the agency from the West, I tried all age ranges and was quite humble in my expectations, but within a month of reaching out to the ladies of Mordinson whom I found attractive, I started to realize that I could pull, and there was mutual preference for women in the mid-20s. I myself recorded my own video introduction to compliment this excellent feature of Mordinson Agency’s profiles, and this was much-appreciated by the ladies.

I got enough positive responses and correspondence that I told Michael Mordinson I was ready to make the leap, and planned a visit to Kharkov. I narrowed my list to 9 women. Due to my work schedule, could only spend 6 days there.

A six day whirlwind

It was a whirlwind tour! I recommend taking your time, ten days would be highly preferable for a trip like this. I managed a couple of dates per day with Michael’s help for the first half of the week. Let me say that I strongly encourage men not to judge the appeal of a lady solely by their responsiveness to emails prior to your trip. If you like what you see, and you hear back good things from her, keep her on your list and meet her in person! In-person interaction quickly helped me sort out my indecision.

As I admitted to Michael, it was an intoxicating feeling to realize to myself that by the end of the week, one of the ladies I was dating would be my pick to be my future wife. It would be my responsibility to choose wisely! The physical attraction was not a problem as all of my selections were petite, and as I walked the streets of Kharkov I found the population to be the best representation of the female gender, a site for sore eyes, indeed.


One lady I met, Natasha, seemed more than a little jaded by her past dating experiences. In America we’d call this a “red flag.” In Ukraine, people have more than first world problems, however, and as I listened to her, I started looking into her eyes. They are cool blue, and she held my gaze. She and I, since then, told the truth by looking at each other and saying nothing.

Natasha has since told me how happy I am now, months later, compared to then, I seemed sad. She seemed the same way to me at the time. Natasha is a romantic, like I had been, and she helped rediscover my romantic side after it had been trampled upon more than a couple of times. For instance, women love to be given flowers in Ukraine, even on the first date! In America, this would earn you a trip straight to the friend zone.

"...women love to be given flowers in Ukraine, even on the first date! In America, this would earn you a trip straight to the friend zone."

I highly recommend studying the good, bad, and ugly when it comes to dating coaches, discovering the unconscious urges of men and women, what attracts us, what’s a turnoff for women, and so on. That said, it is a relief that I can’t describe to those men that haven’t visited Eastern Europe yet, how the women act like you, a hard-working, honest man would ideally like them to be; sweet, feminine, testing your strength, but not trying to compete with you to be the man.

I’ve since spent a marvelous 9 days in Paris with my soulmate, Natasha. One romantic evening, I knelt and asked her to be my wife. She said yes. As I write this, next weekend we will meet again in Cancun. Hopefully we will come back after New Years Day with a suntan!

Visa considerations

If you’re just starting out with dating in Eastern Europe, you may be surprised to discover that getting a tourist visa for Ukrainian women to visit the USA is much more difficult than getting a marriage engagement visa (aka K1) or marriage visa (K3). Visit for all the details about that. As I mentioned, I personally feel that this circumstance can actually help you do the right thing for yourself as a man, and her expectations as a woman.

In closing

In closing, I sought out my soulmate, and I found her. Hurrah! I am overjoyed to have found Natasha. When you find that special someone that removes all doubt in your heart, you just know. It’s an amazing feeling. I have the discipline and self-education to know what I need to maintain as the man in the relationship, and Natasha is eager, and just as grateful to have me.

The Mordinson Agency is completely legitimate, and is doing God’s work. If you do business with them, and put in the effort yourself to make something happen, it is my sincere belief that you will find a wife that will bring you many years of happiness. Good luck everyone!

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