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Christian Filipina: (The Mega Review)

By JD / January 10, 2018

Not everyone knows this but the Philippines are one of the most popular destinations for men in the USA who are interested in international dating.  It probably has a lot to do with the fact that women from the Philippines are known for being family oriented, open to foreigners,  beautiful, and having a high level of English. 

But there's also another trait that is common in the country as well: being Christian.  In this review we take a look at Christian Filipina, a rare site that combines international and Christian dating.  


Monthly memberships starting at $97 per month


1000's of active profiles across all age groups. Over 50% are female. 


With a manualCF is one of the safest international dating sites out there

Allows Direct Contact?



Even outside of the PPL scene, international dating sites don't always have your best interest in mind. Typically they care more about the bottomline than they do the likelihood  of their members actually finding a relationship. Christian Filipina is a rare exception.

They run their site with the goal of providing the best possible user experience for its male and female users. They do this by supplying excellent customer service and preforming manual security reviews for all  profiles on their site.

Their high quality comes at a higher cost though. You'll find that at a monthly price point Christian Filipina is more expensive than most of it's competitors. 

But the results the company brings to its users can't be denied. There are literally thousands of active profiles on the site in most age ranges. Female users on the site also appear to be by and large Christian (though of course levels of belief and commitment may differ). As always use common sense when dating online.  A woman on Christian Filipina is more likely to be genuine, but it's never an absolute guarantee. 

All in all Christian Filipina is the go to site for finding a serious Christian woman in the Philippines. There simply is no other site our there that offers such a highly quality of service within the niche. 


Basic features

As far as core features go, CF works like most other dating websites. You can create a free account and browse other profiles, but you will need a paid account to interact with other members. With a free account you can send a limited number of "winks", which are an expression of interest. 

CF allows you to search other profiles by age, marital status (single, divorced, widowed, etc), religion (which is this case is types of Christian denominations), location, and more. 

Being a Christian dating site CF has many search options under the Religion category

All paid membership levels allow you to message, video chat, and exchange contact details with other site members. The amount of messages you can send per day may be limited, depending on the level of your paid membership. The lowest allowable number of messages is 50 per day (for the gold level), the highest is unlimited. 


Christian Filipina's mobile app is setup more like tinder than a traditional dating site.

CF is also available via their mobile app, but I'm not a huge fan.

The main interface of the app is set up like Tinder, where you are shown pictures and info of women you either like or dismiss their profile. 

The app does allow you to do filtered searches of other members like the website does, but it doesn't make it easy. It took me a good 20 minutes to figure how to do it. Maybe you'll have better luck.  

Membership discounts

After you sign up for a paid membership with CF  (it doesn't matter which level), you will receive a host of discounts from businesses across the Philippines.

Some examples include: hotels, tours, visa help, restaurants, spas, flower shops, wedding services, and even real estate. There are currently 50 different businesses that have partnered with CF to offer discounts. 

A paid membership with CF also gets you a host of discounts with different businesses in the Philippines

Articles/Research database

CF gives both paid and unpaid members access to a collection of blog posts on the Philippines.  Topics include travel, language, cultural values, courting a Filipino woman, and more. The information is relevant and helpful for a man looking to court a woman on their site. An insightful survey I will reference later was taken from one of the blog articles. 

Romance consultation

All paid site memberships on CF include at least one 60 minute consultation with a romance consultant. Here are the topics usually covered in the consulting sessions: 

  • How to create an effective site profile
  • The practical details of meeting a woman in the Philippines 
  • The logistics of bringing home a bride to be
  •  The cultural aspects of courtship and marriage in the Philippines

One-on-one CEO call

The two highest paid membership levels land you a short call (15-30 minutes) with the site's CEO Peter Christopher. This is also a sort consultation. Peter himself is married to a Filipina, and has long been an advocate for honest online dating sites.  

Second opinion feature

In addition to the call with the site's CEO the two highest membership levels also allow users to confirm the interest and intent of a female member on the site.  As a member you simply let the customer service staff know which woman you would like to get a second opinion on. They will then contact her or meet her to confirm that she is who she says she is, and that her intentions are sincere. 


Christian Filipinia's pricing structure is slightly different than other non-PPL sites. Instead of a recurring  membership funded by monthly payments, CF charges for non-recurring memberships. 

Many a dating site loves to rope users into a recurring monthly membership, hoping the user will forget about the active membership and keep making monthly payments. At CF you pay a pre-specified amount in either a lump sum or across a limited number of monthly payments. 

There are 4 levels of membership available on Christian Filipina (one free and three paid): 

Standard membership (free)

The standard subscription is free. All that's required is your name and email address. At the standard level you can browse and search profiles, express interest, and communicate with women who have a paid subscription (most will not). 

Gold membership (3 months non-recurring)

This is CF's lowest premium membership level. For a flat rate (payed in 3 installments or all at once), you receive 3 months of membership on the site. Below is a snapshot from CF of the list of benefits​​​​ available to Gold level members:

Payment options

3 monthly payments of

1 single payment of

Platinum membership (1 year non-recurring)

The platinum level is the mid-level of paid membership on CF.  A platinum membership lasts for one year and is non-recurring.  Below is a snapshot from CF of the features available to platinum members:

Payment options

8 monthly payments of

1 payment of

Unlimited membership (Lifetime membership)

The unlimited membership is a lifetime membership, and it's also the most expensive membership level on the site. Below is a snapshot from CF of the benefits available to unlimited members:

Payment options

8 monthly payments of

1 payment of

Which membership level should you buy?

If you've poked around FWHL, you'll notice that we heavily emphasize getting off the computer and taking your interactions with ladies into the real world. Under that philosophy, the gold membership is the best option. 

Plan your membership around your travel dates

If you're serious about using CF to meet a woman from the Philippines we  recommend following something akin to the 12 week countdown below. It's best to sign up for a free membership to browse through the profiles on CF. Once you determine that there's enough eligible women on the site who meet the description of the woman you're looking for then book your travel. 

Once you book your travel THEN purchase a gold level membership and start contacting women. Let them know you're serious about finding a life partner and have already planned to travel to the Philippines.  A 3 month membership is more than enough time to do this. 

After that you can chat with different women and see which ones appeal to you. This will help you narrow down your search when you step off the plane. 


Allows direct contact with other members

If you've read articles on our site before you know that we're not big fans of international dating sites that charge fees per letter/message/minute of video chat (aka PPL sites). This is because these sort of sites are often the store fronts of scams. They like to keep you writing through to women their site so that they can rake in your PPL fees.

Christian Filipina charges an upfront flat fee, and allows you to communication with a lady off their site if you so desire. This eliminates the possibility  of PPL scams

Manual review for all site profiles

Christian Filipina is unusually committed to user security on their site. The company has a dedicated team who's job it is to manually weed out scammers and fake profiles. Most dating sites are quick to say they have the latest technology used to help curb fake profiles and scammers on their site. What you almost never hear them say is that they manually review ALL profiles. 

The site's CEO discusses the manual review process

I first heard about CF's review process for profiles in the interview above, which is now a few years old. Just to double check I also contacted their customer service and asked if they still manually reviewed all site users. Here was their response: 

"What protections/systems does CF have in place to help protect against fake profiles and scammers? Do you screen profiles for men or women?"

-me (JD from FWHL)

"We have a manual review team who are in charge of manually screening profiles 24/7 to catch potential scammers. I'm afraid I am unable to discuss the specific name of the system they're using however, once they found suspicious profiles they had it suspended/rejected or ask additional proof/documents to let the member/s verify their profiles before being activated on the website."

-Christian Filipina customer service representive

One thing I love about CF is that they recognize that women are just as likely to get scammed as men. The site makes an effort to protect all of its users not just the men. 

Using CF safely

Even with their manual review process, it is impossible for CF to vet the motives and intentions of its users (no one can read minds). They can track and pinpoint shady behavior, but it's still possible for a scammer or insincere person to slip through the cracks (though those cracks are notably smaller on CF than on other sites). 

Even if CF does a lot of the security work for you, you still need to exercise common sense when using the site. Remember the 4 commandments of international dating, and watch for red flags. If you're using CF it's not that hard. They're not a PPL site, they allow for direct communication, and because its female users are from the Philippines there isn't as much of a language barrier. 

Really the only think you have to watch out for on the site is any woman who asks you for money. If she pops that question report her to Christian Filipina and move on.

Follow the 4 commandments so you don't end up like this guy

Customer service

Christian Filipina has a dedicated customer service team for their members. If you have any questions or problems using their site they will jump at the chance to assist you. I've personally been in touch with them through Skype and email while writing this review, and it's been a true pleasure working with them. 

They've happily answered all my questions, as well as shared a bit about the story and philosophy of the site. You really do get the sense that they genuinely care about the men and women who use their site. That's something that I can't say for other international dating sights. 


The numbers

According to their customer service there are over 900,000 active users on Christian Filipina. More than half of users are women. 

What kind of woman uses Christian Filipina?

If a man signs up for CF chances are pretty good that he's looking for a woman who 1) is a Christian, and 2) has with traditional/family values.  

But Christian dating sites often oversell the idea of spirituality ("Find God's Match for You"). Likewise cultural stereotypes of femininity and domesticity are often oversold by international dating sites (especially in the FSU). 

So what kind of woman can you reasonably expect to meet on Christian Filipina?

A few years back CF sent out a survey to some of its female members about their values and life style, and published the results on their blog (you can find the full survey here). Below are a few insightful excerpts from the study, that will help answer that question. 

It seems from this survey that the majority of women on CF definitely fall into the category of being conservative Christian ladies. They put a high emphasis on faithfulness in a relationship. They're also generally comfortable living in a small town setting, and they seem to really like going to church. 

Doesn't sound like a bad bet if you're looking for a conservative Christian woman.

Real life stories from users​​​​



"Many people can attest to the role Christian Filipina played in assisting them in meeting the mate they have longed for. The testimony section of the website is replete with examples of men finding the mate they believe God led them to through this amazing website. It is aimed at helping men who are interested in a Filipina by supplying all the tools and resources they need to make a wise choice among the many thousands of Filipinas to choose from. Yes, choose, from those wanting to communicate with you, not play games."

I found my beautiful wife in Davao City, Philippines through Christian Filipina and the whole experience was so amazing I honestly want to help other men find “completeness” in the arms of a wonderful woman from the Philippines. I am opening up to help you give this international dating site a try to find a wife. I believe if you commit to this, your buck stops here."

What other people say about Christian Filipina


 Kurt Sun

" is authentic, affordable, and a great dating website to subscribe to if you fall into their target demographic (i.e. you’re a Christian Filipina or a guy looking to build a serious relationship with one). It’s a relatively small community (makes the members easier to verify and moderate while keeping the website free from scammers and spammers) that focuses on a sincere and Christian-centered membership base. For those reasons, among others, we give a 4 out of 5 stars rating."

Alternatives to Christian Filipina

Filipino Cupid may be the most popular site specifically aimed at Western men looking for a filipino woman. The site doesn't have the Christian focus that CF has, but if you read through the profiles on Filipino Cupid you're likely to find some Christian minded women (if that's what you're looking for). 

Filipino Cupid is cheaper than CF (monthly subscriptions start at  $12.25 per month); but there are considerably more scammers and fakes than you would find on CF too. CF does a better job of keeping scammers out. That being said, Filipino Cupid should work fine as long as you exercise common sense. 

If you're looking for a cheaper alternative to CF, or you're not as big on a dating site with a Christian focus; then Filipino Cupid is a viable option.


If you're looking to meet and connect with a Christian woman in the Philippines Christian Filipina is your best bet. There simply isn't any site in this niche that can compare with CF's commitment to the community and security of their users. Their customer service is also second to none. The price of membership is higher than other international dating sites, but I'm inclined to think that in this case  it's justified. 

If you're not specifically looking for a Christian Filipino woman then you might be better off using a site geared toward the country in general. 

If you're interested in the site I recommend creating a free account and taking a look around to see for yourself if it's the right sight for you.

About the author


Founder of FWHL. When JD's not writing articles he's probably practicing his Russian or trying to play AC/DC on his guitar.

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