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China Love Cupid: Full Review and How to

By JD / November 17, 2017


Monthly Subscriptions starting at $10.00 per month


1000's of profiles, many of which are active. Some spammy profiles.


Part of Cupid Media's circle of dating sites which have a good reputation, but you have to watch for romance scammers

Allows Direct Contact?



Chinese Love Cupid has a substantial amount of active and sincere profiles, though it is a bit smaller then some international dating sites. The site is owned by the well known company Cupid Media, which has a long track record for maintaining and operating over the table international dating sites (no PPL scams here). 

There are few scammers and fake profiles on Chinese Love Cupid when compared to some other sites. Still it is important to exercise common sense when using the site, because you could still run into some.

Overall the site is a solid option for anyone looking to connect with women in China.

China: land of magic and mystic? 

If you're new to the idea of international dating and you're interested in traveling to Asia, China almost surely comes to mind. While it's not as popular a destination for dating as the Philippines or Thailand, it's distinct culture and foreign mystic have attracted Westerners for centuries. If you're looking for a women with a value system different from the West then China should be in your sights.

Emphasis on marriage and family

Values will vary between social classes,  region, and on the individual person; but you should know that for many Chinese women marriage is a big deal. Many Chinese women along with Filipinas and Thai women  have no problems progressing through a serious relationship quickly to get to marriage.

 The traditions of marriage and family are strongly ingrained in the culture so there's a conspicuous absence of the more loose styled Western dating (this doesn't mean that it doesn't happen it's just rarer than in the West). 

For a serious man looking to tie the knot this is good news. Just make sure you're aware of what you're signing up for. A traditional woman's loyalty to family is often strongly tied to her parents. If you're interested in a Chinese woman make sure you'd like your future in-laws. 

Dating in China can be difficult

Unless you plan on staying long term in the country, dating in China is rough. Cultural differences and the obvious language barrier mean that if you step off a plane in a tier 1 or 2 city unprepared you're likely to end up alone for most of your trip. 

That's were international dating sites like Chinese Love Cupid come in. They help connect foreign men with Chinese women who are interested in cultural dating. Odds are much higher that you'll met a woman who knows some English, and who will be willing to meet you after you arrive in the country. 


China Love Match is basically your run of the mill dating site, with the biggest exception being that a large portion of its users are based in China. Just as with other sites you can make a free account and post your pictures and profile while perusing the profiles of other members. 

Once you pay for a premium subscription you'll be free to send and receive messages, as well as text chat with other members. 

A walk through of the search engine used on all Cupid Media sites


There's a handy app version of the site available for mobile. It works well and retains all the features of the website.

Subscription levels

There are 3 levels of monthly subscription available for those interested in using China Love Cupid: standard, gold, and platinum. 

Standard subscription (free)

The standard subscription is free. All that's required is your name and email address. At the standard level you can browse and search profiles, express interest, and communicate with women who have a paid subscription (most will not). 

Gold subscription

The gold subscription is the first of the two paid levels. With a gold membership you can send and receive messages with all members and also have live chats via an in-site instant messenger

Join for 12 Months

Join for 3 Months

Join for 1 Month

Platinum subscription

A platinum subscription gives you all the perks from the gold level in addition to providing you with some advantages over other members.

This includes things like ranking your profile over other profiles, highlighting your profile, providing more space for you to write in your profile, and (most notably) translation of messages into your native language. 

Join for 12 Months

Join for 3 Months

Join for 1 Month

Which level is the best value?

The difference in dollars between platinum and gold is pretty small. Still, I lean toward the gold level.

 I suppose to have your profile appear for others could have some value (though it would be better if it could appear before others in the inbox not just the search). To be honest though, if you're messaging the women yourself this is less useful. 

The translation feature could be worth it, but we typically recommend against guys dating women they can't easily communicate with (especially in person).

This helps protect you against scams and it has the added benefit of making the dating process more enjoyable for both you and the lady.


China Love Cupid is run by Cupid Media, an Australian company that operates over 30 niche dating sites, most of which are international. Most of their sites are country specific and are the best option for their niche. 

Cupid Media's pricing system is always straightforward: you pay a flat monthly subscription and that's that. There are no PPL or gifting options to lure you into scams. 


"Negotiating through the website I see that Cupid passes my first and most important test: they allow direct contact with the women on the website. The worst type of dating agency is one that requires communication between you and the women you contact to be funneled through the agency. Most websites that limit your contact with the women that you are talking to do so because their ladies profiles are fake or they want to “lead you on” in order to get more sales from you"

Profiles & safety

The majority of profiles are legitimate. CLC isn't as popular with Chinese women as Thai Cupid and Filipino Cupid are with their target users. Still there are enough active profiles that the site is worth checking out. 

There are some fake profiles and potential scammers that slip through the cracks, though on CLC there are markedly less of them than on other Cupid sites. In any case be smart and avoid any profiles that set off warning signs at all cost. 

You can check out our scam school for more info on how to identify and avoid international dating scams.  A good start would be to follow the 4 commandments of international dating

Best way to use China Love Cupid

Below we outlined a step by step process you can follow to use international dating sites like CLC to successfully date women overseas. 

Note: this example runs on a 12 week timeline. Feel free to modify it according to you needs. Just remember that the point is to contact women for the purpose of arranging dates face to face in the real world. Don't get stuck chatting to ladies for months only to never visit them!

Phase 1: 12-6 Weeks before your trip

Create a basic list of requirements

The first thing you want to do is to create a general list of criteria for the type of woman you want to meet. emphasis on the word general here. We don't mean pick out things like eye color, height, and occupation. 

You should make a list of the basic requirements you'll use to  sift through the 1,000s of profiles on CLC. Things like age range, whether she has kids or not, relationship status (divorced, widowed, etc), religion, and English level should make up your list.  

A Friendly Reminder: Only date women you can communicate with

We advise men to only date women they can easily communicate with in person. Unless you know a foreign language this means dating women with a good level of English.

We advise this because it eliminates the need for hiring a translator; which not only saves you money, but makes you much less vulnerable to the "professional dater" type scams. 

Now that you have your list, create a free basic profile on Chinese Love Cupid. Use your requirements to search for women on the site. Make sure that their is a good number of active women on the site who live in or near the city in the Philippines you plan on traveling to.

Verify your city and dating site

If there are enough women who meet your criteria go ahead and green light your trip and purchase your travel arrangements.  

If there aren't enough women in the city you chose, try searching near a different city. With other sites I normally recommend that if you can't find enough women in the area you want to travel to, you should try a different site altogether. 

Phase 2: 6-4 weeks before your trip

For the next two weeks you want to start putting together the pieces of your personal profile, which you will post to CLC once you purchase a premium membership. 

This part is a bit more important than most guys think. You site profile is the virtual equivalent of a first impression. Just as there are a lot of women on CLC you can bet there are a lot of men using the site too. 

How to make a good (virtual) impression

You want to use your profile pics, description, and introductory letter to help you stand out from the pack.


Typically most guys on dating sites take a series of selfies on their cell phone, post them on the site, and call it a day. There's nothing wrong with having 1 or 2 natural type photos that aren't all that glamorous, but all your photos shouldn't look like that.

 You can do better

To be honest you should probably avoid the whole selfie idea all together. Odds are that you know someone with a half way decent digital camera. Put on a nice shirt and have them take some shots of you.  

You don't have to get too fancy with things, just get two portraits, a full body pic, and maybe a candid action shot showing you playing a sport or dressed up for a party (pick something you normally do). Putting in this little bit of extra effort will go a long way toward helping you stand out from the other guys on the site. 


Ladies on dating sites often put up with a lot of creeps and sleazy guys. Just as you don't want to be bombarded with scammers and bots, a woman doesn't want to bombarded with tasteless or over sexualized messages. 

Go the extra mile and to make your profile standout because in the end that's what you would want a woman to do for you. 

Profile description tips

Most profiles list desires, hobbies, interests, and something about life style. There's nothing wrong with any of that. One tip here though is to try to get specific when talking about these things.

Many guys will put that they like movies (who doesn't?), you should list some of your favorite movies or genres of film. A lot of guys might say they want a woman with family values. What if you said you value a woman who brings warmth and love to the home? Do you see the pattern here? Be honest, but also be specific. 

The introductory letter

Honestly we could write an entire post on how to write an introductory letter (we probably will soon).  Because you will be contacting numerous women it's best to write a general introductory letter that you can use as a template. 

More or less the letter can follow this pattern. Each item should be about a paragraph long:

  • 1
    Hello I'm....(basic biographical info: age, where you live, height, weight, lifestyle, education, career, religion, etc.) 
  • 2
    Paint a picture: Description what you enjoy about your life and lifestyle, and things you do in your city. Give the woman an glimpse into what life would be like with you.
  • 3
    I'm looking for more: Your life is good, but you need/want a ___ woman because____.....(what attributes/character traits are you looking for?)
  • 4
    I'm serious: Talk about how you're a man on a mission and don't want to waste time on online romance. Mention your upcoming trip and its purpose. 
  • 5
     Ask her for contact info: This is the part where you transition and ask the woman if she would be willing to contact you and see if there's any chemistry between you. 

This is a general outline, but you should get the idea. 

Now don't go copy and pasting this template verbatim, and then start spamming every pretty woman you see on the site. Use the template as, well....a template. You should be reading a looking over each profile you message. Incorporate something personal or specific to a woman's profile in your letter to her. 

Phase 3: 4 weeks- trip date

This is where you sign up for a premium subscription on China Love Cupid, upload your photos and personal info, and start contacting ladies. 

Use the general requirements list you made earlier to inform your search. Be honest and realistic, and stay clear of any red flags

You'll want to send out a lot of introduction letters, as not all women will respond or be interested in contacting you. If you're taking your time and reviewing each profile like you should, this could take a while. 

Make sure the women know that you're planning on meeting multiple women in their city, but that you will only pursue the one you have the most chemistry with. 

At this point you should know when you'll be in town so give the dates to the ladies who are interested in meeting you and start arranging dates .

Phase 4: the trip

This is where your hard work, planning, and research pay off! enjoy your dates with the ladies, and always deal honestly with them. If you feel there is chemistry between you and a woman tell her, and ask her if she feels the same way. 

If you don't feel things clicking then be honest and tell the lady at the end of your date (make sure you thank her too!). 

What other people say about China Love Cupid



"Is ChinaLoveCupid legit? Well, from the look of things it is. There are reports about scams, but hey, it is a dating website and if some fat mamushka decides to use the photo of her slimmer self from twenty years ago to find love, that alone cannot make you go singing it is a scam. If you would love to find an English-speaking Chinese soul mate, this is the right website to sign up."


 Addison Sears-Collins 

"​If you are an English speaker and don’t know Chinese, I recommend you check out ChinaLoveCupid instead of is run by one of my most favorite online dating companies, Cupid Media. Cupid Media owns sites that I’ve used in the past like and The general site layout, interface, and available features is the same as the other Cupid Media dating sites, which is a plus.

The website sports a clean design and is easy to navigate. ChinaLoveCupid is an established site for those looking to meet and make matches with Chinese singles. With around 40,000 members, it is not the biggest site operating in this niche, but if you can sign up for a premium account, you’ll get a solid set of communication features and strong anti-spam protection that make this a site worth your time."

Alternatives to China Love Cupid

Chinese Love Match

China Love Match is the largest and most secure site that specifically focuses on connecting Chinese women with Western men. The site takes a strong and active stance against fake profiles and scammers. They also have a larger user base than China Love Cupid. 

The site operates on a flat monthly subscription fee, and even includes some features that that China Love Cupid doesn't, like video chat. The site is co-owed and operated by its  John Abbot who himself is an American married to a Chinese woman. He releases resources and information for the site's users on dating, culture, as well as other topics.

I say all this to say that Chinese Love Match has a commitment and honesty to its users that most international dating sites don't have. If you're interested in Chinese women it's worth a look!

Asian Dating is a sister site of Chinese Love Cupid, and is also run buy Cupid media. Asian Dating works the same way as CLC, and maintains the same quality of experience. 

You can find some Chinese women on the site with active profiles, and you can also search within other nearby Asian countries as well. 

I love the idea of using a dating site like Chinese Love Cupid, picking a city, and going off on my own to meet foreign ladies; but the amount of work, logistics, and fear of the unknown can be a turn off for some guys. If you're looking for a more efficient and secure way to meet asian women, and if you're willing to travel to Thailand instead of China, there may be a better option for you.

The company I'm about to talk about solves those problems. They take care of the  details your entire trip (minus airfare), and provide everything you need to meet serious Thai women. All you have to do is show up.

Dream Connections is an American based company started by the American/Ukrainian couple Mark and Ana Davis. The company is unique in that they function more like an introduction/matchmaking agency than a romance tour agency (which is good because I don't trust most romance tours). They currently offer tours in Bangkok, Thailand as well as in Ukraine and Colombia.

Each tour has about 15-20 guys and up to 100 or so local ladies. The company screens both men and women for relational intent and basic background information. 

They also feature a unique system where each man has a personal translator/personal assistant for the trip. The dating starts off with a series of short speed dating sessions after which men are free to contact interested ladies and go on dates apart from the group. 


China Love Cupid is a noteworthy option for men who are looking to meet foreign women in China. It's not the biggest international dating site, but there are more than enough active and genuine profiles that a monthly membership is worth the investment.

China Love Cupid has a lower incidence of scammers and spammers than some other international dating sites, still it's important to communicate cautiously and stay clear of suspicious profiles.  

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