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Best Sites for Dating Russian and Ukrainian Women

By JD / November 17, 2017

Slavic women have a long standing reputation for being both beautiful and intelligent. They seem to have made a name for themselves on the international dating scene because countries like Russia and Ukraine help top the list of most popular countries to meet women abroad. 

But the fame comes with a downside. The attraction of foreign men to Eastern Europe has birthed a dating/match-making industry that is often less than scrupulous. Whether you plan to connect with women online or in person the road to those meetings is a winding one laden with scams

If you're not in the know, dating Slavic women could you cost dearly (literally). 

But with all the talk of scams and professional daters, there are some reputable businesses out there to help you meet the woman of your dreams. In this post we take a look at 3 of the best dating sites you can use to connect with Russian and Ukrainian women.

Using these sites will go a long way to helping you avoid the common traps of the international dating industry (For more info on avoiding scams and dating safely check out our Scam School). Good luck!

Features of a good international dating site

In this post we limited the sites we chose to sites which followed a specific criteria. A good international dating website should meet the following requirements:

It doesn't use a PPL model

Instead of a PPL  payment plan, a good site should have a flat rate monthly subscription. This might seem like a subtle difference but it's huge.  PPL plans open the pandora's box of letter writing scams and gift giving ruses. If a site doesn't charge you for direct communication with a women this eliminates the possibility of many online dating scams. 

The site should be active against scams

There's a lot of international dating sites out there that conveniently turn a blind eye toward scammers and spammers.  Usually these are the same sites who do PPL. A good site will actively take measures to prevent and suppress unethical behavior on their site. 

There should plenty of active and natural profiles

A scammy site likely has a ton of profiles of Sport Illustrated type models who will confess their undying love for a stranger on the internet at the drop of a hat. An honest site will have a good number of recently active profiles that feature real women.  

Now that we've covered the basics here's are list of sites for meeting Russian, Ukrainian, and Eastern European women:

1) Elena's Models


Subscriptions start at $19/month


EM is one of the safest dating sites in the industry


Profiles are active and real


  • check
    One of the most honest dating sites in the industry
  • check
    Doesn't use agencies to find women
  • check
    Overall high quality profiles
  • check
    Women in all Post-Soviet States (not just Russia & Ukraine)


  • Sometime women's profiles don't stay on the site long (they meet serious guys)

What makes Elena's Models different?

Commitment to honesty

Of all the international dating sites I'm  aware of, none take such an active stance against scammers and spammers as Elena's Models.  Elena Petrova personally overseas the site's English blog, where they company goes through great lengths to educate men on scams and how they work. Their blog has been a major resource and inspiration for me starting FWHL.

Most important of all is that Elena's models doesn't use a single agency to bring women to its site. All women on the site join directly. This is huge. It's a big part of how the company is able to maintain their high quality reputation. 

Typically with most international dating sites you're bombarded with spam and possible scam messages after you sign up with a free account and upload a profile with no picture.  I made a free account on Elena's Models and didn't receive a single message! No spam, no senseless confessions of undying love or loneliness, nothing. 

If you're looking to date Slavic women this site is the real deal.

Quality of profiles

A lot of women on the site join after hearing about Elena's Models on the site's Russian language blog (similar to the English version only its aimed at Russian speaking women). The blog is pretty popular in the Russian speaking world (think hundreds of thousands of visitor each month). 

Because of this, and the fact that EM doesn't use shady local agencies, the overall quality of the site's profiles are pretty high. All the women are real, and it's safe to assume that they are interested in dating a foreign man (otherwise why would they be on the site?). 

Elena's Models is the only international dating site I've seen where profiles are often taken down, not because they were used in scams, but because the woman found a man she is seriously interested in.

If you find a women you're interested in on EM, contact her soon because someone else might beat you to it.

Women from all over the FSU

Elena's Models is popular with Women from across the former Soviet Union. The two most popular countries are of course Russia and Ukraine, but there are also a lot of profiles from other nearby countries like Belarus, Moldova, and even more distant ones like Kazakhstan

2) Russian Cupid


Subscriptions start at $11.67/month


RC has an in site system to report suspicious behavior. 


Many active and real profiles, but also some spammers


  • check
    An honest straight forward dating site
  • check
    Women in Russia as well as Ukraine and other Post-Soviet States
  • check
    Very high number of profiles


  • Some spammers on the site
  • close
    Women/profiles aren't as filtered as on Elena's Models 

What makes Russian Cupid different?

Cupid media has a long standing reputation for providing honest and straightforward international dating sites. The company provides dating sites for many parts of the world in which there aren't a lot of other options. 

A lot of profiles

Russian cupid might be the biggest Russian dating site that doesn't run on a PPL system. There can be anywhere from 800-1000+ plus women online (depending on the time of day). These women are predominately from Russia, but many are also from other Post-Soviet states. There are a significant amount from Ukraine as well as Belarus. 

Cons of Russian Cupid

The main con of using Russian Cupid is that you will probably receive some spammed messages. Thought the number on RC was a lot lower than some of Cupid Media's other sites (like Filipino Cupid for instance). 

Part of the reason this is an issue is because Russian Cupid is such a big site. The percentage of spam profiles is actually very small compared to the whole number of women on the site. Even though RC takes measures against suspicious profiles, at a certain point I think a few faulty profiles slip through the cracks.

Even so Russian Cupid remains to be a solid site (just date smart), and it's almost always mentioned right beside Elena's Models.

3) Ukraine Date


Subscriptions start at $10/month


UD has an in site system to report suspicious behavior. 


Many active and real profiles, but some spammers


  • check
    An honest straight forward dating site
  • check
    More Ukrainian profiles than other honest sites
  • check
    Cheaper than other honest sites


  • Some spammers on the site
  • close
    Not as many profiles outside of Ukraine

What makes Ukraine Date different?

Ukraine Date is also owned and operated by Cupid media, and is a sister site to Russian Cupid. The main difference is that it focuses specifically on Ukrainian women in Ukraine. 

Your go to site for Ukraine

Elena's models has a large number of Ukrainian profiles, and even Russian Cupid has a significant amount too. Still by sheer numbers Ukraine Date is the largest site (that I'm aware of) that almost exclusively features Ukrainian women. 

Cons of Ukraine Date

On Ukraine Date you have the same issues with spam that you see on Russian Cupid, though on UD it's a little worse for some reason. Again the site is pretty big so by proportion these suspicious profiles make up a small part of the pool. The site is safe to navigate, just use common sense. 


If you're looking to date Russian or Ukrainian these 3 sites are your best options. Each one allows you to make a free account and browse their profiles. I recommend doing to get a feel for each one and to verify if there are enough non-scammy/active profiles in the city or country you're planning to visit before paying for a premium membership.  

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Founder of FWHL. When JD's not writing articles he's probably practicing his Russian or trying to play AC/DC on his guitar.

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