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Founder of FWHL. When JD's not writing articles he's probably practicing his Russian or trying to play AC/DC on his guitar.


5 Common Myths About International Dating and “Mail Order Brides”

By JD / December 29, 2017

International dating catches a lot of flak from a lot of people. Negative stereotypes, though grounded in a grain a truth, are often blown way out of proportion until they are considered as fact.  In this post we’ll look at five of the most common myths surrounding international dating and begin to unpack them. 1) Foreign women […]


From Divorcee to Fiancé (One Man’s Experience Dating in Ukraine)

By JD / December 20, 2017

Today I’m very excited to share the first Guest Post on FWHL. This post comes from Will. After I came  across his video review of the Mordinson Agency, I got in contact with Will and asked if he’d be willing to share some of his experiences in international dating. Will is what I hope will […]


3 Honest Questions You Must Ask Yourself Before Dating Overseas

By JD / December 8, 2017

There are risks and  rewards no matter where you date women, but the stakes are always a bit higher when you date overseas.   If you succeed in finding a woman overseas the rewards could be immensely gratifying and last a lifetime. Similarly, if things go badly it can get ugly. You stand to lose a […]


Dating Sites vs Introduction Agencies: Which to Use and Why

By JD / December 1, 2017

There are two main options for men looking for a serious relationship abroad: datings sites and introduction/romance agencies. In this lesson we’ll look at both and give you some recommendations on which ones you should use.  Table of Contents Dating sites vs Agencies (What’s the difference?)What are international dating sites?A Friendly Reminder: Don’t Use PPL […]


Russian Cupid: Ultimate Review and How to

By JD / November 24, 2017

PriceMonthly Subscriptions starting at $11.67 per month Profiles1000’s of profiles, many of which are active. A few fakes. Security​​​​​Part of Cupid Media’s circle of dating sites which have a good reputation + much less fake profiles on this site. Allows Direct Contact?YesSummaryRussian Cupid is one of the largest sites for meeting women in and around […]


Best Sites for Dating Russian and Ukrainian Women

By JD / November 17, 2017

Slavic women have a long standing reputation for being both beautiful and intelligent. They seem to have made a name for themselves on the international dating scene because countries like Russia and Ukraine help top the list of most popular countries to meet women abroad.  But the fame comes with a downside. The attraction of foreign […]


China Love Cupid: Full Review and How to

By JD / November 17, 2017

PriceMonthly Subscriptions starting at $10.00 per month Profiles1000’s of profiles, many of which are active. Some spammy profiles. HonestyPart of Cupid Media’s circle of dating sites which have a good reputation, but you have to watch for romance scammers Allows Direct Contact?YesSummaryChinese Love Cupid has a substantial amount of active and sincere profiles, though it […]


How Hard is it to Learn Russian? (Language Profile)

By JD / November 10, 2017

I’m excited about today’s language profile because it’s on the language I’ve been studying for past 6 months or so: Russian.   This video only scratches the surfaceWith the possible exception of an asian country or two, Ukraine and Russia are the most popular destinations for western men looking to meet foreign women. Western men bring […]


Spot the Scam: 11 Red Flags to Beware of When Dating Abroad

By JD / November 3, 2017

The prospect of traveling to another country to date relationally minded foreign women is an exciting one for many men. But amidst the romance, beauty, and adventure there is a real possibility of getting scammed.  Personally I think that by and large these scams are predictable, once you know what to look for. The purpose of […]


The 4 Commandments of International Dating: How Not to Get Scammed

By JD / October 27, 2017

In our last scam related post Lifting the Shroud: The Anatomy of International Dating Scams, we took a look at the different types of scams that befall men looking for love overseas. That article is true to its name as we broke down the business model and techniques used by dating sites,  agencies, translators, and […]

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