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Founder of FWHL. When JD's not writing articles he's probably practicing his Russian or trying to play AC/DC on his guitar.


15 Challenges When Dating Women in Colombia

By JD / August 29, 2019

This article is a blog post by an American expat named Seth Colvin that has lived in Colombia since 2006. To learn more about all you need to know regarding living and dating in Colombia, check out his website.When it comes to dating internationally, you are guaranteed to come across cultural challenges that come with dating […]


#21 Dr Julia Meszaros on International Dating: Truth vs Stereotypes

By JD / June 4, 2019

In today’s episode I talk with sociology professor Dr Julia Meszaros. Dr Meszaros and I discuss the common stereotypes that surround international dating. She also shares about her work with the international dating industry.  Dr Meszaros has shadowed several romance tours on three different continents and has published multiple articles on the subject of international […]


#20 Online Dating With Christian Filipina

By JD / May 30, 2019

In today’s episode I interview Alvie, a customer service rep from the site Christian Filipina (the largest Christian dating site in the Philippines). We talk about Filipino culture, Christianity’s place in the dating scene there, and of course the ins and outs of using Christian Filipina to make meaningful connections with sincere family-oriented women in […]


5 Best Sites for Dating in The Philippines

By JD / May 8, 2019

The Philippines are perhaps the most popular destination for Western guys who are looking for a serious international relationship. At first glance you might expect that this is because of the high level of English proficiency in the country, the visa free travel requirements, or the lower cost of living.   While those factors no doubt […]


#18 Money and Dating in Ukraine (Ukrainian Perspectives Part 4)

By JD / April 15, 2019

Today we finished out our series on Ukraine and talk about money and the role it plays while dating. We cover the cultural norms of what a man is expected to pay while on a date with a woman in Ukraine. We also discuss how the role of money changes from a dating relationship to […]


#17 Age Gaps in Ukraine (Ukrainian Perspective Series Part 3)

By JD / April 9, 2019

This is our third episode in our four part Ukrainian Perspective series. Today we sit down with our Ukrainian women panel and talk about age gaps. What is considered a normal age gap while dating in Ukraine? What should an older man’s expectations be if he’s looking for a serious relationship? What pros or cons […]


#16 Home & Family in Ukrainian Culture (Ukrainian Perspective Part 2)

By JD / April 1, 2019

In the second part of our four part Ukrainian Perspective series, we discuss the role of home and family in Ukrainian culture. I interview our expert panel of Ukrainian ladies as we discuss topics on traditional values, the expectations of men and women in the home, the implications of children from past relationships, divorce, and […]


#15 Ukrainian Perspective Part 1: Love & Intimacy in Relationships

By JD / March 26, 2019

In this episode I interview a expert panel of Ukrainian women as we discuss the role of love and physical intimacy in a relationship. We answer some of the common questions men have about the topic, as we also touch on some topics that men want to know about but may be too shy to […]


3 Best Apps for Dating in Thailand

By JD / January 31, 2019

Many say Thailand is the place to meet the girl of your dreams. Whether that dream is a blissful romantic one with an exotic and feminine lady, or a nightmare with scamming cheating crazy chick , depends on who you ask. There are some serious potential pit falls you’ll have to navigate is you want to […]


How I Fell For A Girl In Kazakhstan (Part 1)

By JD / January 10, 2019

So after last summer things on Foreign Wife Happy Life got a bit slow. I didn’t really publish that many articles or record any new podcast episodes.  There’s a perfectly good explanation for that. I was a bit distracted. I thought I’d share a bit of what I was doing during the second half of […]

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