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Happily married to a lovely Filipina Bob V loves to encourage and inform honest men who are looking for a serious relationship with a woman in the Philippines. You can find him at his channel Love Beyond the Sea.


Why I’ve Never Felt Uncomfortable With My Filipina Wife

By Bob / November 18, 2019

From the very first moment I met my wife in person, there has never been a moment of feeling uncomfortable with her. Considering I met her on line 39 days earlier and now was meeting her to marry her, you’d think there might be some kind of insecurity, but there was none. This article was […]


Cost of Loving in The Philippines (Monthly Expenses)

By Bob / August 31, 2019

How much does it cost to love a woman in the Philippines? That’s what I want to talk about today, and there are many considerations. I am going to talk about heating expenses, electricity, communication, insurance, entertainment, and savings. Affordability, Location, availability, newer or older, and renting or owning are significant decisions when looking for love […]


The 3 Kinds of Men Filipinas Don’t Fall in Love With

By Bob / February 5, 2019

Some would answer the question what kind of man does a Filipina fall in love with, with something sarcastic like “the kind who has money”, or “the kind who lives in America”, or maybe even, “the kind who is old and about to die”.  That isn’t what I have in mind for this article. Those scenarios […]


Does She Love Me or My Money?

By Bob / January 29, 2019

 When pursuing a Filipina with the the hope to marry, it is normal to wonder if she is marrying you for the money. A Filipina you are interested in won’t have the material means you will, so it makes sense that she could marry someone to better her situation. But there is a difference between marrying […]


My Wife’s Experiences Working in America as a Filipina

By Bob / January 21, 2019

Your Filipina will likely want to work in your country. Mine was a teacher for special needs children in the Philippines.Hard working-not a complainer.My wife started as a temporary worker and later got hired full-time.She sends money home monthly, pays two bills, invests for her future and now has a car payment! Oh, and a […]


Should You Trust Your Filipina? (5 Signs She Could be Scamming You)

By Bob / January 14, 2019

Let’s talk about how can you can trust your Filipina.  Some of this comes from an article I will link in the description box and of course, I try to apply my own experience too.  There are plenty of ways a foreigner be reasonably sure if the Filipina he is interested is trustworthy.  Discernment requiredTrusting […]


Ashamed For Marrying A Younger Filipina? (A Christian perspective)

By Bob / January 7, 2019

You can find a younger wife on an international dating site (I found mine on Christian Filipina).   Older men typically want a younger wife.  Beauty and sex appeal is why. There may be an ego boost as well. It is not taboo in the Philippines.  A younger Filipina marries an older foreigner of her own […]


Did I Fall in Love Too Quickly? (My Short Engagement to My Foreign Bride)

By Bob / August 13, 2018

Name: BobAge: 56 From:USA Traveled to:The Philippines Recommended sites & My wife and I were pronounced husband and wife 54 days after we met online, and I had to fly to the Philippines to meet her, and if things had been a certain way, it could have been quicker. Had being single for so many […]


53 Things I’ve Learned About My Filipino Wife Since Marriage

By Bob / February 2, 2018

Name: BobAge: 56 From:USA Traveled to:The Philippines Sites or services The journey so farIt seems like only last week when I was waiting with anticipation at the local airport for my wife to arrive. We have a small airport in Lincoln, Nebraska and there was some snow on the ground on a cold morning on […]