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Welcome to Foreign Wife Happy Life - a site dedicated to helping men find and build serious international relationships.

This site is designed to help serious minded honest men pursue, find, and develop international cross-cultural relationships with equally serious and honest women overseas. This site is also dedicated to any and all successful international couples (my hat's off to you).

What this site is for:

  • Advice on finding and maintaining serious international relationships
  • Sharing stories about your experience with international dating & relationships
  • Reviews & recommendations on tools and resources for international dating

What this site is NOT for:

  • PUA's 
  •  Sex tourism
  • Woman bashing (yes even the ones from the US)

Why I started this site

When I was about 26 (not that long ago) I decided that when the time came I wanted to look for a serious longterm relationship with a woman from a different country and culture than my own. For better or worse I decided that I wanted to marry a foreign woman. There was just one problem....I had never been outside North America and I didn't know the first thing about how to meet and date women overseas. 

For more info on my personal reasons for international dating you can go here

So I did what most people do: I started Googling. 

I found a ton of suspicious mail order bride type sites and a lot of information from sex tourist/pick up artist bloggers. But at best this  was only marginally helpful. What I was trying to find out was 1) Where could I meet the women with the kind of values I was looking for?, and 2) How could I actually go about meeting them? I knew at some point I'd have to catch a plane somewhere but other than that I was in the dark. 

After  casually researching the wide expanse of the net, reading a book or two, and hearing many stories of success and failure, I was able to find most of the information I was looking for. I discovered that serious international dating was more possible and more popular than I had previously thought.  So I made this site in order to put all this information in one place. 

...and that's how Foreign Wife Happy Life was born. 

I can't personally try out every dating site or introduction agency to review them (to be honest I wouldn't want to). But what I can do is compile all of the information I've discovered and share the testimonies of people who have gone through the process. My hope is that through my journey to find a foreign woman others can learn and also take the journey for themselves. 

I hope you enjoy this site and find it helpful. As I'm still on my own journey I expect the site to grow along with my experience. 

Enjoy and good luck!